Devil in the Sunshine

by Glenn Cannon

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Eve Clarke
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Eve Clarke Wow!! I'm not sure what to really say after only hearing it once. So much to take in. I love it... I can say that much. It's exciting, it punches you in the face, super energetic. The riffs are bluesy, sexy, driving. Love the tight rhythms. Love the lyrics. The organs/keys and chord progressions are jazzy at times and "different" for Glenn. But mostly, I just hear Glenn. I hear him in every piece of the music. The vocals are so "leave it all out there" as if his insides came out while singing. Literally singing his heart out.
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released July 12, 2019

Recorded & Produced by: Brett Eliason
Engineered by: Sam Hofstedt
Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Maor Appelbaum Mastering California USA
Mixed by: Brett Eliason at Trail Mix Studios North Bend WA
Recorded at: Avast Music Company Seattle WA

Glenn Cannon – Guitar and Voice
Lance McKay – Keyboards
Jeff Eason – Bass
Lui Williams – Drums

Additional percussion by: Tommy Sandovallegos

All music written and performed by:
Jeff Eason, Lui Williams, Lance McKay & Glenn Cannon

Art direction and design by: Glenn Cannon and Tawny Cannon

Cover Photo by: Christopher Thomas Dodrill

Songs and Lyrics by:
Glenn Cannon


all rights reserved



Glenn Cannon Seattle, Washington

Glenn Cannon is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and entertainer based in Seattle Wa.

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Track Name: Days Long Gone
Lord I feel a hard rain comin’ on
Lord I feel a hard rain coming down..
Yeah aint got a prayer to carry on
Yeah aint got a prayer to hear that sound
There aint no forgiveness now..

Guess I never meant to get it wrong
Gonna tell a little story ‘bout the days long gone

Ohh I know bad hand holding on
Ohh I know dark stain on my soul
Lord I feel my last chance comin’ on
Lord I feel my last chance come and gone
There aint no forgiveness now..

Guess I never meant to get it wrong
Gonna tell a little story ‘bout the days long gone
Track Name: Whole in My Hands
Swing the hammer wide let me pass your test
No promise, compromise no more and nothing less
Brighter days seem to haunt me when they come
So many good things fly apart..
But they were whole in...whole in my hands
But they were whole in...whole in my hands
You’ll find no comfort here no open minds or hearts
They seek to snuff your dreams before you even start
With the smile of a friend and knife of a ghost
Cut me the deepest cut me the most
But it was whole in…whole in my hands
But it was whole in…whole in my hands

Don’t look now…
Don’t look now…
Track Name: Hello Oblivion
Hello Oblivion
I’ve waited here my old insistent friend
Hello Oblivion
I’ve waited here for you to choose the end
...and there’s no way back

Hello Oblivion
I’ve lived a life of hardships cold and cruel
Hello Oblivion
I’ve lived a life of blessings rich and full
...there’s no way back

...and so I know
...there’s no way back
Track Name: Kira
How was I supposed to know?
That dark days knockin’ on a better time gone
woulda dragged you down again
I guess that’s just the way it goes
Hard times comin seem to bring you round here
with a bottle in your hand
I understand….

Someday some one’s gonna find you baby gonna take you away from here
I know trouble’s gonna find you baby gotta stand you up again…
Once again

The hours only go to show
That broke minds tend to find a little more comfort
in a dragon chasing high
But once you’re lying on the floor
Strong hand never gonna help you up babe
less you help yourself before
… and More and more

You’ve been waiting alone, where the light never shown
Never gave you a chance to step outside your own grave
No one rushed in to save, you from hell and now all
..all you’ve ever known is the blackness in your soul..
I feel it growing baby
Track Name: Rattlesnake Shake
We went a kicking round the south side of heaven
with some stardust and ash in our eyes
Took on a thunderhead a smooth rollin’ over
on a wrong side of trouble again
She got a blister and thorn for you mister
I can tell by the look in her eyes
Go on and tumble with class dirty beauty
got a switchblade clicking surprise

And that’s how it goes

Right on
She got the rattlesnake shake in her smile
Right on
She got the rattlesnake shake in her smile

I never been along the slow side of nothing’
come and feed my need for a try
here come my dealer he got two barrels loaded
gonna snuff my need to ask why

And that’s how I know…
Track Name: The Long and Lonely Hard Goodbye
She came in with a whisper
and left like teardrops in the rain
she came in just like a whisper
and left like teardrops in the rain
never thought I’d miss her
till I knew I’d never see her face again

hours in the sunshine
left forever cold and grey
all those hours in the sunshine
left forever cold and gray
there aint no comfort for me
baby when I feel this way

maybe in the end I might find away
to live my life the way I had before
until that day I know I’ll carry on
until I can carry you no more

No need worry
Aint no need to question why
I got no need to ever worry
I got no need to question why
It’s a bitter long and loney
Long and lonely hard goodbye
Track Name: Saint and a Criminal
Don’t be afraid baby…some nights I am a criminal
Don’t be afraid baby…I’m both a saint and a criminal

Summertime comes, to stretch your shadow ‘cross the floor
Used to feel so high…but it aint like that anymore

Don’t be afraid baby…I’m both a saint and a criminal

Just find a reason in your heart to strip away the past and start
To shine a light on darker days and lay a breadcrumb in this maze
To make your way back in the dark and reinvent the things you are
Track Name: Something So Sour
Why look for something so sour
When something so sour was with you all the way?
Little one with your face to the sun
And the day at your back why would you bring the dark ‘round here?
Stick a tongue in the cheek of the broken and weak
Let reality fade by the wayside

Little girl with the world at your feet
And your head in your hands and disaster in your mind
Take spin of the wheel
And forget what you feel is the anchor that’s draggin you behind..
This is now life short smell the roses and take a little moment
..just a little moment..
Bad luck won’t follow you far
Just don’t forget who you are
Just lay your troubles down and walk away…
Track Name: Make it Alright
Ooooh sister
I got a trick you should know
Ohhh little sister
Aint gonna take you too long to feel sure
Hey here comes a little of the blood sippin twist to you smile
Ohhh now I got a feeling gonna be ‘round here for a while
…and make it alright..and make it all..
So maybe you…you don’t like me anyway
But I got the time to make it alright…Make it alright…

Ohhhh sister ~ Don’t take it personally
Hey little sister ~ Don’t even gotta take advice from me
Hey I’ve seen the shadow of the trouble swingin round your front door
Another day another way another time if you could just get one over
Track Name: Don't Let Me Down
Life’s hard like a son of a bitch
But I know where to go when I get that itch dont know cant find me dont know cant find me
Dont let me down

(yep... those are the words.... all of them... just didn't think it needed any more than that...hahaha ~ Glenn)
Track Name: Devil in the Sunshine
She had me easy…She let me know it
She had me easy baby…She’s comin round now
Aint scared to show it…She had me easy baby
She let her hair down…I let my guard down
She took me slow and steady
I let my guard down…She took her dress down
And left me speechless

...I found the devil in the sunshine
...’cause I was born in the rain

So take what you need
‘Cuz nothing’s for free...
Take it on down now... and shake it out..
(...I’ll be over around two...)

..I found the devil in the sunshine
...’cuz I was born in the rain
Track Name: The Void
If it’s all the same
Don't waste your prayers on me or speak my name
When I broke down,
you turned your back on me and let me drown
Had you gotten what you needed?
Had taken what you thought might fill your heart?
Had you found a better ending
And left me here still looking for the start?

It was hard to watch another soul come rushing in
and fill the void I left when I was gone...
and the bitterness of a life gone wrong came rushing in,
to fill the void you left...when you moved on...
...there’s still time there’s still time there’s still time...To live again...

Dark Spell comes on
To rearrange the way I see the world
I’m too far gone
To find the answers that might set me free...
Like the broken wandering children
Of some god forsaken long forgotten land
I’m the shadow of my illness
And no one knows exactly who I am...including me...

...for your kind words
I leave to you a sympathetic ear
... for all your love
Was wasted on a soul who could not hear was hard to watch somebody else come rushing in...

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